$200 for a course on "divine femininity"? okay sis!

In today's episode on "I don't like what I hate and I don't hate what I like", this new trend of exploiting women all in the name of channelling their “divine femininity” needs to stop already!

It’s becoming a trend and a very expensive one at that( pun intended)

At every corner of Beyonce’s internet, a Jill or Harry is claiming to be an expert at knowing how women are supposed to channel something inside of them, to bag that “alpha male”, to get that promotion, to be taken more seriously, to do this, to do that.

All of that is a sham because many of these folks do not take into consideration, the first rule of socialism, which is the fact that people are different and that something works for Mister A doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s going to cut it for Mister B.

A couple of days ago, there was an uproar on Twitter between someone who identifies as a feminist and another lady who apparently, has built a brand around teaching women how to get alpha males, which I believe are considered guys that are pulling in certain figures and doing pretty well for themselves.

Wild, if you ask me.

Anyways, this exchange of tweets between these two parties opened my eyes to a lot about this subject matter.

First of all, how many men do you see out there registering and paying to listen to a man tell them how to get their dream woman?

I mean, the best I’ve seen on YouTube are femme men offering unsolicited advice to women still, on how to channel this same “divine femininity” that everyone keeps talking about.

All this effort for people who could really care less about your divinity, lmaooo.

How about just be you, sis?

You know you’re dope right?

I promise that you’re enough, and anyone who’s going to love you will love you for who you genuinely are.

Stop wasting your shmoneyyy on things that do nothing but hurt your self-esteem and teach you how to shrink and shift shape from your true form and self.

They’re not worth it and it will always be considered a sham because I will never understand how a woman can claim to know what it takes to keep a man when she isn’t even a man.

Need ideas on how to spend your money?

Take yourself to a spa.

Get a massage and relax those muscles. You deserve all the finest things of life by just being your true form.

I shared my view on the popular “Girls Compete, Women Empower” quote and it’s been creating a buzz on these streets.

Check it out here, I’m sure you would enjoy reading it if you enjoyed this.

Don’t forget to like, drop a comment or share if you agree or disagree with this.

Until next time....xx

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