Embracing Womanhood With Yinky

Help! Society's on my neck.

Hi buddies,


Yinky baby here again with some brief gist.

But before we feast, how have we been? And our financial journey? Keep pushing and winning, the odds will always favour you.

To our gist.

You know how society has placed us women on a certain expectation level? Some too low for our value and others too high for our humanity.

It's how we're expected to live standards that we know nothing about and are quite discomforting. And when we do not conform, society comes for our jugular, determined to crush and maim us with words so traumatizing that healing from them is such a pain; although healing is possible and is necessary but that gist is not for today.

Some of these expectations are cultural and may be good to an extent.

Example in cultural context is when as a child from the Yoruba tribe growing up, I had to learn to kneel to greet my elders as a sign of respect. This is actually good, but on the other hand, the actual state of my mind towards that person may not be one of respect but hate and compulsion.

Kneeling doesn't necessarily show that I am respectful, but is respect a great quality?

Absolutely yes.

I remember scrolling through the streets of the social media city of Instagram and stumbled on a post where a lady met an elder and bent a little to greet because she had a health condition affecting her waist and knees and therefore couldn't kneel to greet. She was bashed by the elder and labelled 'disrespectful'. You know what I love? The fact that she didn't go on explaining away that she had a health condition affecting her knees. Most times you don't need to keep explaining yourself to everyone that comes at you negatively as far as your motives are right. Imagine that she greeted all the elders at that function and had to keep explaining to all of them that she had a health condition? Imagine how tired she would be and the emotional drainage she would experience from having to talk about her health condition to countless people and drawing unnecessary pity and attention.

My dears, we cannot please the entire society. When your motives and 'modus operandi' are right for whatever area of your life, you're good to go and do not need to explain to everyone (most of who will not understand).

Now there are a few significant persons you may need to explain some things to, but it is you who should determine who you're explaining to and not the other way round.

Don't go wear yourself out trying to explain to everyone what may never be understood.

Remember on this side of life it has to be SOFT always, explaining is a chore you should do only when necessary.

Till we gist again loves, I remain your girl.

Yinky baby.

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