Hey Ladies,


Happy International Women's Day!

My name is Olayinka, some folks call me Yinka, but I'd love you call me Yinky baby.

Like my name, I am a lady of wealth and affluence.

I love the soft life; I love ease and the finer things of life. I wasn't born into affluence, and so, to live the kind of life I envisaged, I had to work to earn money. I tried my hands at different things but failed. Then by divine orchestration, I realised there was something missing, and that was me. In my many efforts to earn money one of the most important factors was missing, me; my own juice, the very essence of who I am, my identity.


I went on an adventure of self-discovery, and I learnt that I didn't really have an identity, and the essence of who I am came from whose I am, a creature of the Creator, a god and offspring of Yahweh, the Almighty God. I also found out I was created from the personality of Yahweh called "Ezer" in Hebrew tongue, meaning "Help". I knew I had found my juice, my identity, I am "Ezer" of the Almighty God. The help the world needs, having every ability and capacity to bring help to my world.


I moved from trying to earn money, to trying to help people out of their issues and I received money for the help I offered. Whenever I saw problems, I immediately switched to help mode asking myself, "how can I solve this". I found a niche; I was most comfortable and excited to express myself and started offering help in that area.

I began to attract all that my name represents; wealth, affluence, the soft life, while still living exactly who I was, "Ezer".


While you're on your journey to making money, find your juice, your identity, and live it. The beautiful thing is, we all have the same identity. We may only express it indifferent ways. So I ask you today my buddy, what's your juice and how best doyou express it? That may just be what's missing in your money earning puzzle.


Till we gist again, I remain your girl,


Yinky baby.

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